Light choreography and performance for the lens

Laterna Magica Museum for Visual Knowledge is participating in Copenhagen Light Festival with LUMINARIUM - a series of projections of light choreography and light performance on the museum facade during weekend evening hours in February. 

LUMINARIUM is a kinetic light art performance composed of light choreography, light performance and light video documented through photography, film and live video performance. This performance of light for the lens can be experienced through the museum’s facade windows on weekend evenings during Copenhagen Light Festival 2021.

The aim of Luminarium as a visual language is to focus on the silent, moving image as a basic form of social communication and thereby promote meaningful artistic gesturing in a time marked by urban light noise.

Lighting performances have always been associated with fascinating and extravagant experiences – both in analog and digital eras – and are driven by lighting artists with an astonishing energy to take new paths, explore new techniques and tools, and maintain the genre’s place in art history.

According to art historian Frank Popper, the development of light art is linked to the aesthetic considerations associated with technological progress. With LUMINARIUM, Laterna Magica Museum for Visual Knowledge wants to introduce a different aesthetic experience in the public space and revive a spellbinding genre within artistic light production.

The show is performed by Laterna Magica Museum for Visual Knowledge in collaboration with its network of artists known for experimenting with light choreography, light performance, and light video. 

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