Camera Obscura is Laterna Magica Museum's social space, where visitors can experience the life transformation of the room into a camera obscura, seeing the outside - life inside - via a pinhole while learning about the first discovery of the phenomenon.

The museum is a multi-dimensional, interactive space that gathers people of different ages and backgrounds through projects that explore past and current visual discoveries and contribute to the future of visual knowledge.

Laterna Magica Museum uses audio-visual content as catalysts for social growth and exchange through thematic exhibitions, photo and film courses, 3D workshops, production, events, seminars, lectures, screening programs, research and publications.

It also offers consultancy and mentorship to image-makers and emerging independent filmmakers and helps them discuss and promote their projects in progress.

Mining the Museum’s Collection to Re-imagine History

Laterna Magica Museum occasionally opens its doors for artists to mine the museum collection, converting it into the medium. Invited artists are to research, select, interact, reshape and juxtapose the collection in a new visual order resulting in exhibitions or events. 

This personal artistic introduction will place the collection under a new critical and analytical spotlight allowing the audience to view a more contemporary museological narrative of the existing elements from the museum, like archives, objects, texts, photos, sound and video files.

Organize your own event

You can hire Laterna Magica Museum's facilities for group seminars, workshops, training and coaching sessions. You can also experiment with stage building of your own full-scale video or photo shoot.


Pre-Opening Event, May 23 2019

Laterna Magica Museum's meeting space has the capacity of hosting up to 10 persons. It is equipped with 4K 50-inch screens and HD projector. Here you can arrange full-scale coaching or business presentations using computers or live camera view.

The museum's team members can also contribute with their extensive knowledge to your sessions and engage in critique, conversation and consultancy with your clients, colleagues, or students.